Crocheted Edge on Fleece Instructions

This method requires a 45-mm rotary cutter equipped with the Skip-Stitch© blade.

Baby: 30" x 36" (1 yard makes 2 blankets)

Child: 40" x 60" (1-1/8 yards)

Teen: 60" x 72" (2 yards)


Cut fleece rectangle, removing selvages and squaring all sides.

Position ruler lengthwise approximately 3/4" from edge of fleece.

Using a 45-mm rotary cutter equipped with the Skip-Stitch© blade, run cutter along edge of ruler with enough pressure to perforate the fleece.

Mark last perforation with a pin. Re-position ruler to continue cutting. Place a blade tooth in the last perforation and continue cutting to end of the side. Repeat for each side of your project.

Crochet the Foundation Pattern around your project turning the edge under as you go. This alone makes an attractive finish or, if desired, you may then add the edging pattern of your choice. Trimming a small triangle from each corner before beginning to crochet keeps the underside of the corner neater.

Foundation Pattern Using a Size G or H crochet hook, with right side of fleece facing you, start with a single crochet in any hole, except corner hole, chain 1, single crochet in next hole, chain 1. Continue around the blanket, working three single crochets in corner holes.


1. From the front side of your project, slip-stitch in a "chain one" space (loop) on the foundation pattern.

2. Skip a loop and work three double-crochets in the next loop.

3. Skip a loop and slip-stitch in the next loop.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach the second hole from the corner. Continue the same pattern without skipping any loops until you reach the second hole on the other side of the corner.

5. Then, continue skipping loops as before until you reach the second hole from the next corner.

Tutorial with photos can be found at You can download printed instructions for how to make a simple shell crocheted edge on a fleece blanket by clicking on the link below.

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