No-Sew Fleece Blanket Guidelines


One of our most popular blankets is the ONE-LAYER fleece blanket. If you are planning to make a fleece blanket, USE ONLY ONE PIECE of brightly patterned fleece. The two-layer fleece blankets WILL BE taken apart and made into two blankets, if we feel they are too heavy and warm to be used indoors. (This also gives TWO children their own blanket.)


 * One piece of Polar fleece (NO DOUBLE LAYERS, PLEASE): 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 yards in length


Although popular with some children, please do not use fleece with SKULLS or SKULL & CROSS BONES to make Linus blankets. We feel they are not suitable for distribution to hospitals and shelters.

* Sharp fabric scissors (dull scissors will not cut fringe properly)

Fabric scissors are required!

A good pair of fabric scissors is a necessity when cutting fleece. Ordinary craft scissors will not work, and you will become very frustrated. Invest in a good pair of fabric scissors. We recommend Fiskars Softgrip 8" Scissors, which can be purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael's Crafts, or any sewing store.
Your fabric scissors should not be used to cut anything but FABRIC! If used for cutting paper or cardboard, you will not be able to cut fabric until you have them sharpened.

* 4" cardboard or fabric square

* Masking tape (you will need a piece the same length as the fleece)

For safety reasons when working with children, an ADULT should prepare the fleece by removing both selvages and cutting fringe.


Step #1:

Trim off both selvages (i.e., the tightly woven, sometimes off-color strips on both side edges of the fabric) from length of fleece, and straighten the other two ends as needed.

Step #2:

Using a 4" cardboard square as a guide, remove a 4" square from each corner of the fleece.


Step #3:

To ensure straight and even cuts of fringe, stretch a piece of masking tape between cut out corners of fleece. This will help you cut the fringe to even lengths. On all sides of fleece, cut fringe in 1" widths from the edge to the masking tape.  Each piece of fringe should now measure 1" x 4".  

Step #4:

Tie one knot in each 1"-section of fringe, as if tying a balloon. Please do not tie 2 pieces of fringe together. Knot should be down a bit from blanket edge so blanket will lay flat. If blanket does not lie flat, the knots have been made too close to the top of the cut edge. Move these knots away from fleece edge.


Step #5:

Check all sides of blanket to make sure all fringe is tied. If your blanket lies flat and there are no raggedy selvages left, YOU’RE DONE!

Click on the link below for printed instructions with illustrations.

For other ways of embellishing fleece blankets, visit

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